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a reason to fight

or are we ashes and wine

22.8 miles, 27 seconds of silence, adam lambert is fabulous, adam likes the top, adoring-the-shit-out-of-sophia-bush, arthur/merlin eye!sex, awesome squared, bbc's pride and prejudice, bears beets battlestar galactica, being a fandom!whore, being a sarcastic bitch, big damn heroes, bob loblaw, bromance, brooke-davis-is-a-way-of-life, brooke-davis-queen-of-the-world, butiwannaslutifypeoplejustlikesophiabushdoes, cappie, captain hammer corporate tool, clear-eyes-full-hearts-can't-lose, crazy random happenstance, daniel faraday, david tennant, don't-be-a-hero-scherbatsky, dub-dub, effy loves freddie, five by five, flight suit up, foreshadowing, fred/wesley, geeks are hot, georgette heyer, god: joss whedon, good grammar costs nothing, gtfokey, hardcore battleship, hating connor, how i met your mother, i'm chuck bass, i'm-the-crazy-bitch-around-here, i've-loved-you-since-i've-known-you, i-hate-so-much-about-the-things-you-choose-to-be, i-remember-everything-about-us-amy, idolatry, impending dooooom, james marsters, jaye tyler cover bands, juliet's roller derby awesomeness, kateandrileyandtheir6kidslivinghappilyeverafter, kradam accidentally my life, kris allen is distracting, kris' glittery top, kris-allen-is-kick-awesome, lacy gently wafting curtains, lovesick ass, marat safin, merlin, michael-slezak-is-my-hero, missing-the-days-when-twilight-didn't-suck, mm, monster saracasm rallies, my-blurb-and-life-are-a-work-in-progress, nathan fillion, nph is emmylicious, obligatory psychotic jackass, omgsway!, out-for-a-walk-bitch, overusing the word awesome, pacey-witter-is-my-tv-boyfriend, people suck, pocket idol, president obama, princess jodi, privileged, really close talking, revertigo, robin sparkles mall tour, scorned!matt, sergio garcia, seriously?, sexy boss man, shawn spencer, shiny, snarktasm, sophia bush, spike/buffy, subtext, talking cow creamers, the middlemobile, the non-judging breakfast club, the philadelphia story, the-chuck-and-blair-show, the-winner-of-american-idol-2009-is-kris-allen, wesley wyndam-pryce, what would riggins do?, whatever, wishing-death-on-peyton-sawyer, wow sarcasm that's original, wwwwd?, yeah capes!, you fog things up